Anthony Richard Clark has a lot on his plate. The Anthony R Clarke Angel Capital Group specializes in helping small to medium size businesses. The organizations that make up the Angel Capital Group include Angel Capital Innovations, Angel Capital Ventures, and the London Business Angels. Combined, these groups generate many opportunities for young businesses on a national and international level by bringing angel investors together in order to minimize risks while increasing available funds. It’s important to remember that every great business started small. With the help of the Anthony R Clarke Angel Capital Group, these small businesses have the opportunity to grow quickly while helping to grow and strengthen the portfolio of the investors.

The purpose of Angel Capital Innovations is to insert capital internationally. With ACI, Anthony Clarke drives investments across Europe, in the United Kingdom and the Middle East. By supporting scientific innovation and advancement through investment, Angel Capital Innovations supports the growth of technology in fields such as Mobile Services, and nano technology. Because of the emphasis on scientific advancement, Angel Capital Innovations is essentially investing in our future.

The branch that focuses on Venture Capital is Angel Capital ventures. This allows the company to look into equity gap funding. Angel Capital Ventures has positioned itself to help maximize profits while minimizing loss in the realm of Angel investment. In order to do this, Angel Capital Ventures operates a co-investment fund called the London Business Angels EIS Round Table Fund, comprised entirely of the London Business Angel investor member base. Although the group is based in London, their focus is not limited to the London area. The new London Business Angel EIS Roundtable Fund has been instrumental in developing the Halo Angel Network in Northern Ireland, thus generating a similar investment fund in that region.

With nearly 30 years of experiences and relationships, the London Business Angels group is one of the most respected Business Angels networks in the UK. By raising anywhere from 100 thousand and 1 million through their member investors, the group has helped many young small and medium businesses to grow. Although the group is based in London, the businesses it incubates are picked from forty to fifty companies based throughout the United Kingdom, which are then presented to its investors.

Another way Anthony Clarke contributes to the UK investment community, is by bringing together like-minded investors at the British Business Angels Association. The BBAA was created in 2004 and takes advantage of Government contracts in order to create the most fertile environment possible for new business growth. Anthony R Clarke, Chairman of the British Business Angels Association, is the key for businesses in the UK to connect with angel investors.

By cooperating together, Angels who are involved in Angel Networks and who adopt a portfolio approach to their investing can greatly improve their returns and success in their investments. This finding was published in a 2009 research conducted by BBAA.

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