Technology has made it easier for entrepreneurs to start a business venture. However, it does not mean that capital infusion into a business has been done away with. On the contrary, angel investors play a critical role in the growth of a fledgling start up. Most people have the idea that angel investment is only concerned with providing the initial capital. The majority of angels have a wealth of business experience and contacts in various industries. The Anthony R Clarke Angel Capital Group falls in this category and is geared towards start ups in need of start-up capital. There are many reasons why Angel Capital Group can be of help if you are starting just out.

•A ready source of much needed capital
Traditionally, the only options available for new start ups were banks loans, personal savings or loans from friends and family. This has changed as statistics show that 2/3 of start-ups get funding from angel investors. If you are in need of funding, the Angel Capital Group co-founded by Anthony R Clarke can provide the necessary funding.

•Provide advice and a lot of knowledge to a start-up
Most start-ups lack the experience of running a successful business. This can be potentially fatal as it could lead to failure of the business venture. An experienced angel investor like Anthony Clarke with a lot of experience both in the corporate world and start-ups can be an invaluable asset.

•You do not have to pay high monthly fees
Many people shun bank loans because the fees are very high for a start-up to afford. This gap has been filled by angel investors who are flexible and open to negotiation on the payment terms. This is why bodies like the British Business Angels Association chaired by Anthony Richard Clarke were formed to provide an alternative source of funding for entrepreneurs.

•You can raise capital in stages
As an entrepreneur you want flexibility as you roll out your business. Angel investors provide this as you can raise funds in stages to cover for expansion. Angel investors cover all parts of the world and you do not have to worry about expanding overseas. The London Business Angels has the global reach necessary to make sure your venture is successful worldwide.

•You do not have to worry if your start-up is deemed high risk
Most angel investors are ready to support business ventures that are seen as too risky for traditional methods of financing. Due to technological innovations, many entrepreneurs are experimenting with new business models that have never been implemented before. Angel investors are willing to take the risk in the hope of mass market adoption. This can bring in healthy returns for the lucky investor.
If you are an entrepreneur looking for funding and advice on how to implement your business strategy, the Angel Capital Group is your best bet.

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